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Get Admitted to a Nursing Home

26 Apr 2010 Posted by pfilates in Uncategorized

More than 50% of nursing home admissions are related to loss of bladder control. And yet very few women do anything to prevent it. How can this be? Well for starters we have to acknowledge that we have done a poor job educating the public, women and men, about the relevance of pelvic floor fitness. Aside from the occasional suggestion to “do you Kegels” nobody hears anything about the pelvic floor. The demographics are really alarming: Between 1900 and 2000, the total US population increased 3-fold, but the population of people >= 65 yr increased > 10-fold. With aging, the percentage of elderly people who live at home but need assistance or who live in a nursing home increases markedly to 56% of women and 38% of men >= 85. As the baby boomers reach the “golden years” (starting 2011)…