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Pilates Vs. Office Based Physiotherapy

Pilates Vs. Office Based Physiotherapy

Posted by pfilates in Uncategorized 19 Apr 2010

But first….

Forgive not blog for 2 weeks. I have had a lot on my plate including a life sucking cold that lasted 11 days. But my energy, thank God, is back and I am ready to work.

Listen to this. Saturday April 17th was the first Pfilates group certification course. OK so we only had two participants but they were, well, freakin AWESOME!! One was a PT and the other an OT they had the interest, aptitude, and willingness to get through an intense workshop. They passed the two written exams and Laura’s practical exam and are now certified to teach the Pfilates program in their clinics. I am so looking forward to working with them to modify the program for their specific clinical interests: Oncology (cancer), and Orthopedic patients. So, to Jennifer Cross and Nancy Snellgrove……You are my new heroes.

As for the rest of you (and I realize there may actually only be one) if you are an exercise professional, a physical therapist or occupational therapist, what are you waiting for. Sign up for the July Certification Course immediately. 775 250-0267.

OK. So check this out:

You should know that in last months issue of The International Urogynecology Journal and article was published comparing 12 weeks of Pilates to 12 weeks of office base physiotherapy (biofeedback and estim) on pelvic floor strength. The results are in and guess what. Both groups got stronger and to an equal degree. That is correct. Pilates was just as effective as office based physiotherapy. This is really huge for a few reasons:

1. Twelve weeks of Pilates is A LOT less expensive than physiotherapy
2. Pilates is a total body conditioning program while pelvic floor physiotherapy focuses only on the pelvic floor
3. The Pilates program studied in this project was “standard” Pilates; not a specialized pelvic floor Pilates program like Pfilates. i.e. if standard Pilates works Pfilates should blow physiotherapy away.
4. Pilates (and Pfilates) is a practice for a life time. Physiotherapy ends after twelve weeks. Developing a practice is the key to maintenance of the benefit derived.

How cool is that?
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