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August 2010

Being Overweight is a Major Contributor to Pelvic Floor Symptoms

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No Weighting is a program of education and support for women with pelvic floor symptoms who wish to lose weight. There are no dues This program is a synthesis of cognitive behavioral techniques that applies the power of the group to achieve results. Looking forward to our first meeting: Wednesday September 1st Meeting format 6:45 PM Greeting before the meeting 7 Readings 7:10 Meeting Chairperson shares for 10 minutes 7:20 Open Discussion 7:45 Exercises in Better Thinking (Cognitive Behavioral) 7:50 Pass out Meal Plans, recipes, info on products 7:55 Announcements

No Weighting – The Support Group

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You can add incontinence relief to the list of benefits obese patients gain from losing weight, according to a recent NIH-funded clinical trial. I had to ask myself today what are we doing about the weight factor among my patients with incontinence. I have gone to great lengths to provide for all other aspects of pelvic floor heath. We have become fanatics when comes to pelvic floor fitness. We provide biofeedback and functional electrical stimulation. We provide hormonal therapy and neuromodulation. We provide surgical solutions and advanced neurophysiologic diagnostic testing. All of this and nothing besides “you would benefit from weight loss”. Well it is time to do better. I am happy to introduce the “7 at 7” weight loss program for women with pelvic floor disorders. The Program to Reduce Incontinence by Diet and Exercise (PRIDE) recruited 338 obese…

Unbelievable Muffin – Gotta Try This

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Sue Rohn has finally decided to share her high protein, low carb, freakin delicious muffins. They are called “Buff Muffs” (13 g protein, 7 g carbs, 5 g fat). This is a specialty item. They are baked fresh and must be refrigerated. There is nothing like this on the market and I expect she will be very successful with this product. She even has a gluten free muffin! Thanks Sue. Good luck. You can get them a Sports West here in Reno. I have a dozen delivered to my office once a month. If you want more info just leave me a blog comment.

Why Do We Dis the Pudendal ?

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It is remarkable to me that we don’t think of pudendal nerve trauma as a relevant impairment deserving medical attention and treatment. You may be asking…”what is the pudendal nerve and why does it matter?” The pudendal nerve is a small nerve; arising from the lowest spinal cord segments that really doesn’t matter….that is unless bladder control, bowel control, and sexual function are important to you. Pudendal nerve injury is associated with urinary incontinence, anal incontinence, and impaired sexual arousal and orgasm. The fact is pudendal nerve injury is likely the most common nerve injury sustained by women. The reason for this is that vaginal childbirth represents a significant risk of stretch injury to the pudendal nerve. Despite this we don’t routinely recommend, or even offer, the types of physiotherapy services we would offer any patient who sustains injury to…