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September 2010

Living in the Zone

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So looking forward to No Weighting on Wednesday at 5:30. All members try to bring someone new if you can. We will be talking about Chapter 1 and Chapter 8 of Living in the Zone. Remember I want recopies. I have become so aware of how much better I feel (energy and concentration wise) when I eat this way. How about you?

October Pfilates Certification

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It is time to register for the course. We have received approval from the Nevada Board of Physical Therapy for 5 hours CME credit (0.5 units). So there is really not excuse for delay. Call 775 250-0267 to register. Or email us at This one day course is taught in two modules. Module one is led by me. This module provides the clinical background for the Pfilates program, detailed information on the neurophysiology of the pelvic floor, and the neurophysiological basis for common pelvic floor disorders. Module Two is led by Laura Hirsch and provides the practical training in the Pfilates movements with modifications for special populations. There is a written exam at the end of each module. This course is a unique fusion of medial science and exercise physiology. If you are a PT, OT, NP, RN, LPN,…

Garlic Chik in the Zone

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Ingredients: 4 oz boneless, skinless chicken breasts [4P] 2 cups of canned green beans [1C] 4 cups of yellow squash [2C] 2 cans of fat free chicken broth 1 whole head of garlic minced fresh pepper and sea salt Directions: Place chicken (boneless and skinless) in bottom of roasting pan, spread veggies around chicken and mince garlic evenly over chicken and veggies. (I sometimes will add onions to flavor but do not count the carbohydrate since we do not eat them.) Pour broth over and bake for 1 hr. The chicken will be very moist and have a very “garlicky” taste.

I am having 4 blocks this morning. I just love blocks for breakfast

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Lets have a four block breakfast Slow cooked oatmeal 1 cup with 2 tsp agave sweetener = three blocks carbs Three egg white omelet with ½ oz reduced fat cheese = 2 protein blocks Low fat cottage cheese 2/3 cup = two protein blocks 1 carb block. Little olive oil little milk (and I mean little…like a freaken tea spoon) = got the fat all covered. OK there. Really not to bad. Learning how to eat at 44 requires humility. Got some?

Pick up a copy of The Zone …. Nearly Free in every Thrift Store

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I just ate a cheese burger. Then I picked up my copy off Barry Sears The Zone. My body is 24% fat. That right 43 pounds of pure American fat. That leaves 140 pounds lean body mess…I mean mass. At 6 feet one inch my daily protean consumption is 90 grams. A block of proten is 7 grams so that is 13 (rounded off) blocks of protein per day. According to Barry that means 13 carb blocks (9 grams each) and 13 fat blocks (1.5 grams each). Barry says don’t go more than 5 waking hours without eating a “zone balanced” something. So my feeding schedule looks like this 7A Breakfast 3 Protein Blocks 3 Carb Blocks 3 Fat Blocks 12N Lunch 4 Protein Blocks 4 Carb Blocks 4 Fat Blocks 5P Snack 1 Protein Block 1 Carb Block 1…