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November 2011

Thanks to KOLO 8 for a Great News Piece on the VESy Lab

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We were in the VESy Lab from 4:30 am to 7 am this morning doing live “cut-ins” during the morning news broadcast on KOLO News 8. In between segments we shot individual interviews with a patient, a certified Pfilates instructor, and myself. These interviews were aired later in the day. KOLO 8 did a great joy getting our message across: 1. Stress Urinary Incontinence is a fitness issue 2. Surgery can usually be avoided 3. Pfilates is an excellent way to recondition the pelvic floor 4. The VESy Lab is an excellent way to perfect the Pfilates Method. It was a great day today…. I look forward to getting the video clip up on (launched yesterday!) and I have been getting calls all afternoon from individuals interested in Pfilates classes and PTs interested in taking our Jan 28th…

Jan 28th Certification for Home Health and Assisted Living PTs and OTs

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Look alive everyone. I need to start getting all those interested in attending our Jan 28th Pfilates Certification. Registration will soon (like within a week) available on line through the site. Just head to Pfilates products and select the certification button. We will be filming this certification for educational and promotional purposes so hopefully everyone attending will be willing to participate. We have moved to a larger studio space suitable to filming. If you need more info send me an email at

Pelvic Floor Workshop for Physical Therapists

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Jan 28th 2012 Reno Nevada, 10a – 3P. This is a physician led intensive pelvic floor workshop (Pfilates Workshop) and Pfilates certification course offering PTs 5 hrs. CEC. This Certification is designed for the rehab community and will focus on special modifications of the Pfilates Movements for individuals with physical limitations. We have 18 spaces remaining for this course so contact us quickly to reserve your spot.

Overactive Bladder Has Major Impact on Two Quality Indicators

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Overactive bladder (OAB) and urinary incontinence affects greater than 50% of the elderly population in the United States. The problem is under reported, under diagnosed, and under treated. While OAB is clearly related to urinary incontinence, a key quality indicator for CMS, it is less well appreciated that OAB symptoms also increase an individual’s risk of falls, a second important quality indicator. Urgency and symptoms of urge incontinence increase the risk of falls in women aged 40 or older. Early diagnosis and proper treatment may prevent falls and improve quality of life in OAB patients. It is not clear that the use of medications such as anticholinergigs to treat OAB has the beneficial effect of fall prevention. Implementation of pelvic floor fitness training using a program that also focuses on “core stabilization” may reduce fall risk by 50% or more.

Pfilates Squeezes Out Kegels

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A new program of pelvic floor fitness training exists that may greatly improve outcomes. Dr. Bruce Crawford of the Center for Pelvic Floor Medicine, has created a program of 10 movements that induce a major pelvic floor workout. Dr. Crawford’s program, called Pfilates (pelvic floor Pilates) can be done by anyone and without the need for any specialized exercise equipment. T achieve the best results these movements are best taught by a certified Pfilates Instructor Pfilates certification has been available since 2009. Presently there are more than 20 certified instructors in the Reno/Sparks/Carson City area. Pfilates certification is a one day course led by Dr. Bruce Crawford. This intensive pelvic floor workshop focuses on the neuroscience of pelvic floor function. Participants also learn how to teach the 10 Pfilates movements, with modifications to individuals and groups. The Pfilates Method is…