Pfilates | The Silent Despair of Urinary Incontinence

The Silent Despair of Urinary Incontinence

The Silent Despair of Urinary Incontinence

Posted by pfilates in Uncategorized 22 Apr 2012

“I’m afraid to leave the house since I never know when I’ll have to use the restroom.”

“Every night I get up to urinate 2 to 3 times.”

“It feels like I have no control over my bladder.”

These are just a handful of comments women share with me each and every day. As they struggle to cope with the consequences of Stress Urinary Incontinence, most women feel broken and alone.

Usually the result of one or more vaginal deliveries, these women have been left with a pelvic floor that no longer properly supports their bladders. The result is an almost constant need to urinate.

Coughing, sneezing, exercise and a host of other normal daily activities often lead to urine leakage.

And due to the state of their pelvic floor muscles, these women also experience less than satisfying sex lives as well.

But the worst part is they almost always feel lost as they look for ways to treat these conditions.

The first step is usually Kegel exercises. And unsurprisingly, these do not work for many of the women that try them. Sometimes it is because they are being done incorrectly, were never taught proper form or simply want another option.

Pfilates is an excellent advancement on the normal Kegel routine. By adding the emphasis that Pfilates puts on pelvic strength and alignment, Pfilates is able to help women build a greater amount of strength in their pelvic floor muscles either in place of surgery or following surgery.

For years now, I have provided advice to women dealing with urinary incontinence issues through my website. 1 in 3 women interested in vaginal rejuvenation surgery are suffering from SUI. Many of them have been suffering with symptoms for 15-20 years.

Incontinence impacts millions of women worldwide. It can be a normal result of the vaginal trauma endured during pregnancy, weight gain or genetics. Women should not be ashamed or embarrassed to discuss these issues with their physicians.

And if your doctor is not responsive to your concerns, then find a new doctor!

If you are currently coping with urinary incontinence, you owe it to yourself to explore all the options available to you. And since not everyone wants to have surgery unless it is absolutely necessary, the Pfilates program is an excellent place to start and can even help women after vaginal surgery.

As a vaginal surgery consultant, Vanessa Scott provides women with information to make the choices that are best for them.

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