Pfilates | The New Pfilates PROGRAM is Now Available!

The New Pfilates PROGRAM is Now Available!

The New Pfilates PROGRAM is Now Available!

Posted by pfilates in Uncategorized 05 Sep 2016

This is the culmination of 10 years of work toward creating an inexpensive (less than $200) nonsurgical solution to bladder control problems. The best part is the Pfilates Program can be performed at home without ever visiting a doctor.

As I have said many times; bladder control is a fitness issue and deserves a serious fitness solution.

The Pfilates project began in 2008 and was really an attempt to discover a more practicable method of pelvic floor fitness training for my own patients. We studied over 100 different Yoga, Pilates, and personal training movements and discovered ten that passively engage the pelvic floor. When a voluntary pelvic floor contraction (Kegel) is added to the Pfilates movement much stronger pelvic floor contractions are achieved; in the range of 20 – 60% stronger than an isolated Kegel exercise.

Clinical data from The Center for Pelvic Floor Medicine indicates that patients completing our program report an average improvement in their bladder symptoms of 78% by the end of a 4 week program.

The New Pfilates Program is the do-it-yourself version of the clinical program. Participants are given the Pfilates Kit (ball, book, DVD) an educational guide, and a step-by-step program guide. What really makes the Pfilates Program totally unique is the online support our clients receive. Each participant enjoys a free, password protected, private online page where they:

1. Interactive worksheets and assignments
2. Assistance customizing their fitness program
3. Educational videos relevant to their unique situation
4. Supportive emails and guidance.

Participants track their progress using Pre-Training and Post-Training bladder diaries and symptom questionnaires. At the end of the program if the data is uploaded to our database our clients will receive a free gift from The Pfilates Team.

This program is the first of its kind. Before you consider bladder surgery, or even filling an expensive prescription for Overactive bladder medications, give this a try. We would love to work with you

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