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Basic Pfilates Teacher Certification (Self-Paced)



This 8-hour self-paced course provides a deep dive into the pelvic floor and is the equivalent of a medical school lecture on the topic.  Taught by Dr. Bruce Crawford and Heather Dibkey, MS

We cover:

  • Pelvic anatomy and neuroscience
  • Pregnancy and pelvic floor disorders
  • Exercise physiology with VESy Lab examples
  • The 10 Pfilates movements with variations
  • Materials for how to assess and train your clients using the Pfilates Method

Advanced Pfilates Teacher Certification (Self-Paced) - Launching Summer 2023


Training Program Taught by Dr. Bruce Crawford and Heather Dibkey, MS. Topics include a deep dive of the following:

  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Hypertonic or High-Tone Pelvic Floor
  • Lumbar Central Stenosis
  • Bowel Control
  • Urinary Tract Infections

You must be in good standing having completed the Basic Pfilates Certification course and be current on your CEC's to participate.  Teachers that complete the advanced course will have a special designation on the certified teacher page.


Business of Pfilates Course (Self-Paced Home Study)


This 2-hour self-paced course includes:

  • Marketing Pfilates to your existing clients
  • Marketing Pfilates to the medical community
  • Marketing Pfilates to other gyms/clubs/studios
  • Marketing Pfilates to your community
  • Implementing biometric data for measuring success
  • Sample program guide, press release template, and class outline

Taught by Dr. Bruce Crawford, 17-year news anchor Amanda Crawford, and Master Pfilates Teacher Heather Dibkey, MS.


Become an Affiliate

Refer your clients to our monthly P49 Webinar and receive 50% commission on each purchase.  This is a great opportunity for your clients to learn the initial technique directly from the creator,  Dr. Bruce Crawford.  Afterwards, we recommend clients/patients continue to hone their technique from you, our referring Certified Pfilates Teachers!

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Take our open to the public P49 Self-Paced Webinar

This is a great way to learn how we take the general public through the ten exercises and help them determine their top 1-2 best movements. 

Attend our teacher only P49 Webinar

This is a great opportunity to review the material, see other teachers, and be able to ask questions.  This course meets twice a year on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, November 8 from Noon-2 pm PST 
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