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Jan 23, 2022

We Are Still Here……


Greetings PfilAtes family!!  Heather Dibkey and I have renewed our commitment to you and to furthering adoption of the PfilAtes method.  Heather and have updated the PfilAtes website to provide a more intuitive experience for our clients and instructors.  This update was entirely motivated by the very helpful feedback from our instructors and for that we are immensely grateful.   Thank you, PfilAtes Instructors. 

Like all of you, the PfilAtes core team has been challenged (to say the least) since April 2020.  It is worth it for all of us to now look back and realize that we are still here.  We are still training instructors, teaching clients, and having fun at the same time.  We have all lived through profoundly historic times that has, for many of us, involved heretofore unimaginable loss.  Loss of family and friends, loss of businesses, lost of jobs, as well as a loss of that most precious feeling of safety and security.   But we are still here; and so we work.   Working together we can realize a sum that is greater than its parts.  Working together with the intention of changing the tired and misinformed paradigm that pelvic floor disorders are the inevitable consequence of childbirth and aging.  Changing the healthcare system that applies surgical solutions, and pharmaceuticals, to fitness problems.  Changing the dismissive tendency of physicians.  


To accomplish all of this we need a better network of clients and instructors and a better means of supporting both.  Starting now we offer a multi-tiered system for client support consisting of:


  • Basic – P49 course – Our monthly online 2 hr webinar that provides everything a client needs to begin using the PfilAtes Method.  $49
  • Plus  P49, plus weekly individualized follow up for the first month, plus one-on one online session with Master Trainer Heather Dibkey. $99. 
  • Premier – P49, individualized follow-up, one-on-one with Heather, and an online consultation with Dr Crawford.  $149



For our instructors we have created an array of offerings that will provide everything needed to get your pelvic floor practice up and running.  

  • Online PfilAtes Certification – 8 hour course taught by Heather Dibkey and Bruce Crawford MD held quarterly.  $350
  • P49 Subscription – This program allows you to provide your clients with free admission to the live, monthly, P49 event.  Subscribers only pay $49/month regardless of the number of clients they invite to P49.  In this way we can provide you a tremendous “value add” to the pelvic floor package you offer clients.
  • Teacher Mentorship Program – includes P49 subscription, quarterly webinars keeping you  up to date on all things PfilAtes and the science of pelvic floor health, access to a private network of instructors to share experiences, ask questions, and stay connected.  Mentorship members get a vetted PfilAtes slide deck to use for community presentations.  Private meetings with Heather Dibkey and Dr. Crawford to help make your program the “go-to” program in your community.  $99/month


For 2022 we expect to train hundreds of new instructors, thousands of new clients, and bring awareness of PfilAtes to physicians throughout North America.  Of course, this totally depends on the network we are building.  We are committed to each of you.  The overriding goal for the PfilAtes team is to delight our instructors and clients by providing a value that far far exceeds the price of admission.  As we continue to adapt to the “new normal” in our personal lives and business we look ahead with optimism and declare with gratitude: We are still here.   

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