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Hello World, Here We Come! 2022 Preview

Feb 18, 2022

New Updates

Greetings all!!

I hope you are all becoming well acquainted with the many new offerings PfilAtes™ has made available over the last year. Heather and I have been working diligently to build out a robust array of educational
programs for PfilAtes™ Instructors and the public so as to further our mission to provide the most effective, accessible, and efficient pelvic floor training program in the world.

We have had several inquiries from existing instructors as to why we now require completion of a Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program to preserve “active instructor” status. The fact is that PfilAtes™ has evolved over the years and we expect it to continue to evolve into the future. The only way to keep our instructors up to date with the latest improvements is to work directly with them at least once a year. This allows us to refer clients to those instructors that demonstrate continued commitment to teaching this wonderful method. The process of MOC is quite straight forward. Once a year existing instructor are asked to attend one live P49 program (offered the second Tuesday of the month at 9 am PST) or attendance of our quarterly event designed specifically for existing instructors. Signing up is easy and can be completed online at and scroll down to the link you desire. 


Among the many new programs, we now offer all of you the opportunity to earn passive income by signing up as an Affiliate Member. This takes about 30 seconds to complete, is free to you, and will entitle you to 50% of all revenue from clients you refer to P49! You are also entitled for affiliate rewards for referring colleagues to our certification courses. So don’t delay another day; become an affiliate member today.


We are now offering a Business of PfilAtes™ course that will provide a detailed algorithm for implementation of PfilAtes™ in your practice. This includes live instruction from Heather, myself, and Amanda Sanchez. Amanda is former news anchor with, greater than 20 years’ experience, who explains the best way to get coverage from local news sources. What you learn here will facilitate getting the exposure your business needs to grow.


But wait; there’s more….. This summer we will be launching a live program for instructors that work with clients with a “High Tone Pelvic Floor”. This ground breaking program is the first of its kind and way overdue. Gynecologists, Urologists, and Gastroenterologists have large number of patients with this problem but very little to offer them. With this expertise you will be able to better collaborate with these medical professionals and become a vital part of their team.


I hope you are as excited as we are about the rapid growth of PfilAtes™. Each and evey one of you is vital to the continued success of this program. For that we thank you. Heather and I are so excited for the future. BTW if you are in Las Vegas for the IDEA conference in July come say hello to us in the vender area or join us for the lunch time program we will be hosting. If you are attending the October PMA conference in Las Vegas join us for our live preconference workshop (P49) or just drop in for a face to face greeting.