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Very Important Pelvis




Initial and follow-up consultation with Dr. Bruce Crawford


Initial Consultation:

Send us your medical information in advance for a thorough review and spend a full hour discussing your personal health journey with a board-certified urogynecologist. This session will also cover important information for navigating the healthcare system, including what questions you should be asking your physician(s).

Follow-up Consultation:

Review your provider visits and get educated on your options and next steps. Leave feeling empowered and fully informed.



Initial consultation and two follow-up coaching sessions with Heather Dibkey, M.Sc.


Initial Consultation:

Meet with Heather to discuss your movement-related health history, establish goals, and develop a customizable movement plan tailored to your body.  We will also work with your current movement providers to maximize your success.

Follow-up Coaching Sessions:

Check in with Heather for encouragement, to assess your progress and, if necessary, tweak your home program.


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