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Meet Heather Dibkey, M.Sc. & Exercise Physiologist


     My pelvic floor journey began over 18 years ago with the birth of my son.  During the delivery, I sustained pudendal nerve damage and as a result became incontinent, developed pelvic organ prolapse, loss of sexual functioning, and had chronic SI joint pain.  Frustrated with the lack of non-invasive medical options and being told to “just do Kegel’s,” I happened upon the Pfilates webpage and thought I would try it as a last-ditch effort to avoid radical surgery.  Not only did the Pfilates Method work for me, it is still working for me over a decade later as a menopausal woman.

     The Pfilates Method has not only helped me but thousands of people all over the world.  It is my sincerest desire to make Pfilates accessible to everyone.  If you’re reading this and struggling with pelvic floor issues, you don’t have to struggle alone.  We’re here to help!  Rest assured, when I say your success is personal to me, I mean it.  I understand the devastating toll chronic pelvic floor issues have on one’s quality of life.  Don’t wait to begin your healing journey with us.


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